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The Parish Council is an elected tier of local government which plays a vital part in representing the interests of the community, provides services to meet local needs, and influences local government at District and County levels. o PARISH COUNCILLORS o Councillor Andrew Baugh - Chairman o Councillor Eddie Meyer - Vice Chairman o Councillor Pam Axworthy o Councillor Janet Cook o Councillor Paul Hubbard o Councillor Aubrey Williams o Councillor Carrie Young o Parish Councillors serve for four years. The present Council was appointed after the Parish Council elections in May 2015 and will serve until the next elections in May 2019. All Parish Councillors give their time voluntarily. o PARISH CLERK The Parish Clerk carries out the administrative work of the Council. The Clerk is the “Proper Officer” of the Council and responsible for all statutory functions of the Council. o Contact details for the Clerk are: Mrs Karen Birks "Ridings", Halloughton, Near Southwell, Notts. NG25 0QP. Telephone: 01636 812023
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