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Village Charity Work
The Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning 2017___________£4,827.00 2016___________£5,930.00 2015___________£4,022.00 2014___________£3,250.00 2013___________£3,026.00 2012___________£2,420.00 2011___________£2,410.00 2010___________£1,855.00 2009___________£1,200.00 2008___________£1,166.00 2007____________£900.00 2006____________£930.00 2005___________£1,085.00 Total to date___£33,021.00 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Other Charity Work Notts and Lincs Air Ambulance 8th November 2008 Thank you! Barbara, Angela and Audrey would like to thank everyone who supported the charity event. £950.00 was made on the day and from raffle ticket sales and individual donations, plus £25.00 given by Wellow Parochial Church Council. £500.00 has been sent to Notts and Lincs Air Ambulance, and £475.00 to Wellow Toftholders.
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