Memorial Hall
Wellow Village | Nottinghamshire
The   Memorial   Hall   (registered   charity   no.1106817)   is   the   village hall   for   the   parish   of   Wellow.   It   was   originally   established   on   its   site overlooking   the   village   green   and   its   famous   maypole   in   1923   as   a memorial   to   the   men   of   the   village   who   had   been   killed   or   wounded during     the     first     World     War.     Plaques     commemorating     these villagers,   and   subsequently   those   men   and   women   who   likewise served   their   country   in   World   War   II,   are   still   proudly   displayed inside   the   hall.   In   1981   the   hall   was   completely   rebuilt,   and   is available   for   hire   to   both   village   residents   and   those   from   outside the   parish.   Many   Wellow   organisations   use   it   for   their   meetings   and events.   Sherwood   Crematorium   is   less   than   a   mile   away,   making the hall a convenient venue for functions afterwards. The    hall    offers    a    pleasant    room    for    functions,    meetings    and classes.   It   has   a   sprung   wooden   floor,   small   stage   and   comfortable seating    (new    in    2006)    for    up    to    100    people.    Wall    hooks    are provided   to   aid   the   erection   of   an   ‘internal   marquee’   to   enhance special events, such as wedding receptions. There   is   also   a   kitchen   equipped   with   electric   cooker,   microwave, urn    and    crockery.    Hirers    can    also    have    the    use    of    100    place settings    of    cutlery    if    required.   Another    smaller    room,    also    with hatch facilities and sink, is ideal for additional catering purposes. Facilities also include a fully accessible disabled toilet, which has a drop-down baby changing station as well. A portable ramp is provided for use at the main entrance (where there is a single low- rise step).
Memorial Hall
Wellow Village
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