Refurbishment 2006
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Refurbishment project 2006
I n   2006   a   further   problem   with   an   adjacent   stretch   of   the   dam   bank was   identified   and   it   was   decided   once   more   to   retain   Willowbank for   the   professional   work   needed.   Toftholders'   funding   partner   on this   occasion   was   Sherwood   Forest   Trust   (SFT),   a   partnership   of organisations    formed    in    1995    who    share    the    common    goal    of restoring   the   heritage   of   Sherwood   Forest.   SFT   is   supported   by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
The   grant   from   the   Sherwood   Forest   Trust    paid   for   the   whole   professional repair,   and   Thoresby   Colliery   Angling   Club   arranged   for   the   back-filling,   with clay    donated    by    a    Toftholder.    Their    work    contributed    to    the    Toftholders' required   half-share   of   project   costs   (because   the   grant   was   under   'matched funding'    provisions,    Toftholders    needed    to    contribute    an    equivalent    sum either in money, time or materials to the SFT grant). With   the   enthusiastic   support   of   SFT,   it   was   agreed   that   Toftholders   would produce    another    booklet    about    Wellow    and    its    heritage,    and,    as    before, deliver   a   copy   free   of   charge   to   each   household   in   Wellow.   The   final   part   of the   Toftholders,   input   was   the   update   of   the   village   website   to   include   the 2006 project. All the above action has now been completed on schedule.
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