Refurbishment 2007/2008
Wellow Village | Nottinghamshire
Refurbishment project 2007/2008
During   2007   Toftholders   were   advised   by   Thoresby   Colliery   Angling   Club   (TCAC)   of   the difficulties   being   experienced   by   some   anglers   with   disabilities.   The   two   existing   disabled fishing   platforms   were   on   the   opposite   side   of   the   Dam   to   the   entrance,   and   a   barrier   erected   because   of   vandalism   and   litter   dumping   –   had   created   additional   problems.   It   was agreed that this situation must be addressed. After   some   discussion   it   was   decided,   subject   to   funding   being   available,   the   TCAC   would carry   out   the   work   of   converting   two   conveniently   situated   platforms   to   make   them   suitable for    wheelchair    use;    additionally    the    footpath    around    the    dam,    historically    uneven    and muddy,   would   be   widened,   levelled   and   surfaced   with   a   suitable   non-permanent   material. New and appropriate signage would complete the project.
Toftholders   agreed   to   seek   funding,   do   all   the   relevant   paperwork, and    monitor    progress;    an    approach    was,    therefore,    made    to ‘Awards   for   All’   the   Big   Lottery   Fund,   and   in   August   2007   we   were notified   that   we   had   been   awarded   a   grant   of   £2690.00   to   carry   out the   work.   This   was   the   whole   sum   estimated   to   be   required   for materials   and   machine   hire.   The   Fishing   Club   and   Toftholders,   for their   part,   agreed   to   carry   out   the   work   stipulated   to   the   Dam,   to complete   reports   as   required,   and   to   make   a   record   of   the   project on the village website.
At   the   time   of   writing   (March   2008),   the   new   platforms   are in    place    and    the    path    finished.    Because    the    cost    of materials    and    machine    hire    exceeded    the    estimate    the new   signage   is   not   yet   completed,   and   more   fund-raising may be required. This   does   not,   however   prevent   anglers   with   disabilities from   enjoying   the   new,   easier,   access   to   fishing   platforms, nor    does    it    detract    from    the    ability    of    people    with pushchairs   or   with   difficulty   walking   from   circumnavigating the   dam   in   a   way   which   has   not   been   possible   before;   both this    website    and    the    Fishing    Club    have    received    very positive    feedback    about    the    changes    from    wheelchair users.
We   are   very   grateful   to   Awards   for   All   for their   prompt   response   to   our   request   for   help, and   hope   that   more   people   can   now   enjoy   the environment    of    Wellow    dam,    whether    they are angling or walking.
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