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The Gardening Association
Wellow   Garden   Association   was   re-formed   in   1991.   The   original   Association   was formed in the Second World War, and continued into the mid Sixties. The   old   Club   had   a   lot   of   really   keen   gardeners,   (good   old-timers)   and   there   was keen   competition   to   win   in   all   sections,   but   particularly   in   the   vegetable   section.   It created   a   good   interest   and   conversation   for   everyone,   and   some   sec   recy   whilst the growing was taking place. In   those   days   as   well   as   the   home   produce   section   for   the   ladies   there   was   a handicraft   section.   Some   really   lovely   articles   were   entered,   including   hand   knitted cardigans   and   jumpers,   all   varieties   of   embroidery   items,   and   crochet   mats   and runners. The   Club   then   was   open   to   people   outside   of   the   Village.   Mr.   Greg   Hall   and   his Sister   Winnie   lived   at   Wellingore   in   Lincolnshire.   When   it   was   Wellow   Show   they both   push-biked   to   compete   in   the   Show   with   specially   made   trolley   containers fixed   to   their   bikes,   with   all   the   enties   in   them.   It   was   a   very   long   way   to   come,   but they did not complain, and loved competing.
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