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The Bells of St. Swithin's Church During   2007   a   beautiful   ring   of   six   bells   in   St.   Swithin's   Church   was   completed,   achieved   from   an unringable   three   prior   to   2001   in   three   staged   projects,   spearheaded   by   the   Parochial   Church Council   and   assisted   latterly   by   the   efforts   of   the   St.   Swithin's   Church   Bell   Ringers.   It   is   thanks   to the   generosity   and   support   of   the   people   and   friends   of   Wellow,   the   Southwell   Diocesan   Guild   of Bell   Ringers   (in   particular   the   Bell   Repair   Fund)   and   the   favourable   responses   of   various   charities that the present happy situation was reached in such a relatively short time. Starting   in   2001,   Wellow   PCC   raised   £20,000.00   to   relocate   two   of   the   existing   three   bells   −   which had   been   silent   for   many   years   −   into   a   new   chamber   in   the   tower;   that   project   also   saw   the   renovation   of   the   Church clock,   using   the   third   and   oldest   bell,   which   was   cast   in   1560   and   bears   the   inscription   'Gloria   in   excelsis   Deo'.   By   2004 the   clock   was   proudly   chiming   out   the   hours,   and   the   two   remaining   original   bells   −   cast   in   1635   and   1660,   with dedications   'God   save   the   Church'   and   'Jesus   be   our   Guide'   respectively   −   with   the   addition   of   a   third   bell,   were   in   their new   housing.   In   the   spring   of   2005   a   band   of   brand-new   (and   terrified)   ringers   'volunteered'   to   learn   the   challenging   art of   change   ringing,   and   the   St.   Swithin's   Church   Bell   Ringers   were   on   their   way!   With   much   trepidation   they   set   about earning their − hopefully affectionate − nickname 'The Wellow Clangers'* In   2005   further   money   was   raised   to   add   a   fourth   bell   to   the   ring,   and   with   increased   capacity   came   more   enthusiastic novice   ringers,   with   ages   ranging   between   fourteen   and   seventy   years.   Four   bells   were   clearly   not   enough,   and   a determined   effort   by   the   PCC   and   the   ringers   plus   the   support   mentioned   above   meant   that   in   2007   the   final   two   bells were   added   to   complete   the   ring.   The   Service   to   dedicate   the   fourth,   fifth   and   sixth   bells   took   place   in   2007,   on   St. Swithin's   Day,   15th   July.   The   first   quarter−peal   on   the   completed   ring   of   six   was   rung   before   the   2007   Harvest   Festival Service   and   the   first   full   peal   on   2nd   January   2008.   Both   bands   ringing   the   quarter   and   full   peals   included   Wellow's   own Laura   Carr   −   a   great   achievement   for   a   novice   ringer   −   and   comprised   some   of   the   Newark   District   members   of   the Southwell    Diocesan    Guild    who    had    made    significant    contributions    towards    the    Wellow    bells,    by    helping    in    their installation, by providing tuition, or both. *The 'Clangers' practice on Thursday evenings, starting at 7.30pm; New members are welcome.
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