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WELLOW TOFTHOLDERS & OWNERS This   compound   was   erected   in   1842,   after   the   Inclosures   Act   for   the   purpose of   holding   straying   stock   until   the   committee   could   assess   what   fines   were appropriate to be charged to their owners. Minutes of a Toft Holders meeting held on 10th, November 1919 record; "A   meeting   of   the   toft   holders   interested   in   the   Commons   and   open   Lands   in the   Parish   was   held   in   the   Parish   School   room   this   tenth   day   of   November 1919   for   the   pupose   of   entering   into   an   agreement   as   to   the   charges   to   be made   by   the   Pinder   for   impounding   stock   trespassing   on   the   said   Commons and open Lands. Moved   by   Mr.   G.   Ragsdale   and   seconded   by   Mr.   A.R.   Retford   and,   resolved   that   the   fees   chargeable   by   the   Pinder   for impounding stock trespassing on the Commons and open Lands shall be as follows:-     * For each Horse - One shilling     * For each Beast - One shilling     * For each Sheep - Two pence with a minimum charge of One shilling     * For each Pig - Two shillings Moved   by   Mr.   W.   Richards   and   seconded   by   Mr.   T.H.   Newton   and   resolved   that   in   future   any   stock   not   removed   from   the Commons   and   open   Lands   by   one   hour   after   sunset   shall   be   liable   to   be   impounded,   this   not   to   apply   to   the   common known as Cocking Moor and the lane leading thereto. Moved   by   Mr.   U.   Goodwin   and   seconded   by   Mr. A.R.   Retford   and,   resolved   that   no   diseased   or   animal   dangerous   to   the other   stock   be   permitted   on   the   Commons   and   open   Lands.   A   sub-committee   of   four   appointed   by   the   Management Committee,   shall   determine   in   the   case   of   any   uncertainty   when   such   animal   shall   be   removed   and   their   decision   shall   be binding and final. The   Chairman   reported   to   the   meeting   that   Mr.   Crowder   had   been   appointed   by   the   Leet*   Court   Jury   held   at   Wellow   on Wednesday,   November   5th   1919,   to   act   as   Pinder   until   further   notice   and   that   he   would   receive   instructions   from   the Committee of Management." *   Note;   The   Oxford   English   Dictionary   definition   of   "Leet"   is   "Yearly   or   half   -   yearly   court   of   Record,   holdable   by   lords   of certain manors; jurisdiction or district of this".
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