Millennium Window
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The Millennium Window
Celebrating the Millennium in Wellow Several   well-attended   public   meetings   led   to   a   total   of   fifteen   suggestions   on   how the    millennium    might    best    be    commemorated    in    Wellow;    this    wide-ranging discussion   led   ultimately   to   the   decision   to   install   a   stained-glass   window   in   our parish church of St. Swithin's. Villagers   were   invited   to   help   design   the   window,   and   the   chosen   artist,   Nicholas     Bechgaard   of   Stroud,   Gloucestershire   used   their   sketches   -   especially   those   of local   artist,   wood   carver   and   nature   lover   Mrs   Iris   Beetham   -   to   inform   his   final design. This   window   celebrates   the   Millennium   for   the   community   and   the   Church   of Wellow, and the whole design reflects this aim. Forming   the   background,   with   branches   spreading   up   and   outwards   is   a   tree,   a reminder   of   the   Tree   of   Knowledge   of   Good   and   Evil   in   the   Garden   of   Eden, which    led    to    the    fall    of    man;    it    also    signifies    the   Tree    of    the    Cross    of    our redemption,   and   the   Tree   of   Life   in   the   Book   of   Revelation;   it   is   in   first   leaf, symbolising springtime and new life in Christ. Set   against   the   tree   are   images   of   village   life,   with   daffodils   replicating   those abundantly   adorning   the   village   verges   each   spring   with,   in   the   background,   the fields and farms which have sustained Wellow down the ages. The   centre   ground   reveals   some   of   the   buildings   around   the   village   including   the Parish   Church   and   the   Old   Methodist   Chapel.      Central   is   the   famous   Wellow Maypole,   showing   the   crowning   of   the   May   Queen   chosen   by   the   villagers.      The spider's   web   of   ribbons   from   the   Maypole   links   the   dancers   and   symbolises   the interconnection of all aspects of village life. The   two   kite   windows   at   the   top   acknowledge   the   patron   of   the   church,   Saint Swithin,   represented      by   a   Bishop   holding   a   bridge.      Christ   is   signified   by   the Paschal Lamb holding a banner, a symbol of resurrection. At    the    very    top    the    small    quatrefoil    window    contains    the    image    of    a    dove, symbolising   the   Holy   Spirit   presiding   over   the   Church   and   the   whole   life   of   the village.    Without   the   assistance   of   any   kind   of   Grant   Aid,   the   village   and   it's   friends   raised   the necessary   funding   of   £11,700.00   over   eighteen   months.      This   was   achieved   by   a number   of   organised   events,   and   also   by   monetary   donations   from   individuals   and local   businesses.   The   Parochial   Church   Council   funded   the   polycarbonate   protection installed at the same time. The   window   was   dedicated   in   front   of   a   packed   congregation   on   4th   June   2000   by   the Bishop   of   Sherwood,   the   Rt.   Revd.   Alan   Morgan,   and   the   unveiling   of   the   associated commemorative   plaque   was   carried   out   by   Siân   Preston,   Millennium   May   Queen.     The service   was   led   by   the   Priest-in-Charge,   the   Revd.   Canon   Valerie   Rampton,   assisted by   Revd.   Corynne   Cooper   (Assistant   Curate);the   United   Benefice   Choir   was   led   by   Mr. George Ward, with Mr Ian Bevell on the organ. The   service   was   followed   by   a   celebration   tea   in   the   Memorial   Hall   which   was   catered by   Mrs   Joan   Eaglen.   The   tea   was   a   mark   of   appreciation   to   everyone   involved   in   the success of the project.   
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