Wellow Dam Memories
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Memories of the Dam
Long standing residents of Wellow have fond childhood memories of the dam, and some of these are reproduced here;
From Dennis Crooks; "It   is   common   knowledge   how   Common   Land   came   into   being,   but   there   are   no   written   records   stating   how   the   Dam was created. It   is   my   true   belief   that   an   area   of   ground   on   common   land   was   used   to   provide   clay   for   the   purpose   of   making   bricks   at the   local   brick   yard   that   was   situated   on   Rufford   Road   at   that   time.   The   top   soil   was   placed   at   the   far   side   of   the   ditch and   the   area   is   now   called   Beech   Hill.   The   crater   that   was   created   was   used   to   provide   a   drinking   area   and   a   place   for animals   to   cool   in   the   summer   heat   whilst   grazing   on   common   land. This   area   has   obtained   the   name   of   Wellow   Dam,   is fed from a spring, and discharges into the natural ditch. Now   that   it   is   not   required   for   the   purpose   of   watering   animals,   it   is   being   used   to   provide   many   hours   of   pleasure   for people   fishing,   and   also   encourages   young   people   to   participate;   in   doing   so   it   prevents   them   from   getting   bored   and creating damage and untidiness to the village structure. In   addition   to   the   pleasure   it   provides,   it   is   also   providing   a   regular   income   which   helps   to   maintain   the   common   land; this    includes    the    triangular    green    around    the    maypole,    which    originates    from    the    early    days    of    settlement.    The appearance of this green gives passing visitors a true reflection of the people that live in Wellow. Should   you   obtain   any   document   that   records   the   true   reason   how   the   Dam   came   into   being,   I   would   be   pleased   to know."
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