Refurbishment 2000/2001
Wellow Village | Nottinghamshire
Refurbishment project 2000/2001
The    Wellow    Toftholders    and    Owners    Association    look    after    the    routine maintenance   of   Wellow   Dam,   with   the   cooperation   and   help   of   the   Thoresby Colliery   Angling   Club,   who   have   been   fishing   the   waters   since   1977;   the fishing   club   take   care   of   the   restocking,   and   the   repair   of   the   fishing   platforms, as   well   as   other   tasks   around   the   bank. The   rental   they   pay   helps   towards   the overall routine maintenance of the common land. In   2000,   a   problem   was   identified   -   of   erosion   on   a   section   of   dam   bank   - which   was   beyond   the   limited   resources   of   the   Toftholders;   it   needed   an expensive   repair,   preferably   by   traditional   methods,   in   keeping   with   the   history of the dam. Enquiries   led   the Toftholders   to   the   ‘Local   Hertage    initative    a   national   grant   scheme   helping   local   groups   to   investigate, explain,   and   care   for   their   landscape,   traditions,   and   culture.   LHI   was   developed   by   the   Countryside   Agency,   and   is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and the Nationwide Building Society. With   the   help   of   a   grant   from   LHI,   who   provided   92%   of   the   cash   cost,   and with   the   input   of   volunteer   labour   from   Toftholders   and   fishing   club   members, plus   donated   materials   (all   this   amounting   to   around   35%   value   to   the   total cost   of   the   project),   the   work   was   completed   in   August   2001.   The   bank   was repaired   -   the   task   fell   to   a   Somerset   company   called   Willowbank,   who   were well   -   known   for   their   skills   in   the   repair   of   river   and   pond   banks,   and   who   use traditional   willow-weaving   methods;the   fishing   club   backfilled   the   repair   as necessary.     A     general     tidying     of     the     immediately     surrounding     area, refurbishment     of     signage,     and     improvement     to     roadways     was     also incorporated   in   the   plan,   and   a   booklet   with   information   both   about   the   dam and   its   place   in   the   history   of   the   village,   was   delivered   free   to   each   home   in Wellow   as   part   of   the   Toftholders,   contribution   to   their   part   of   the   project. Finally   the   Toftholders,   in   consultation   with   the   fishing   club,   formulated   a   ten   -   year   plan   to   ensure   that   the   care   of   this valuable part of the history of Wellow continues. The project was completed on time.
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